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Year 11 Textiles and Design

Textiles and Design Terminology

Video Links

Fabric Terminology


The Process of Making Batik - Artisans at Work

Indonesian Batik

Bias and Gain

Clipping Technique

Boucle Yarn

Burn Test

Carded Cotton

Cotton Gin: The Ginning Process

Core Spinning

• Couching


Darts and How to Sew Them

Design for Environment

Design Image Transfer

Direct Digital Printing (DDP)

Embellishing by Machine


• Finishing Techniques

Fusible Webbing


Haute Couture Fashion : What is Haute Couture Fashion?

Haute Couture Fashion : History of Haute Couture Fashion

Ikat Silk Weaving

Jacquard Loom

Leg O'Mutton Sleeves

Notching Technique

Nuno Felting

Pellon (Interfacing)

Interfacing 101

Printing on Fabric

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Rayon and Nylon

Seam Finish

Selvedge 1

Selvedge 2

• Shirring

Spinning Jenny


Stabiliser Sewing


• Sublimation Printing at Home


Warp Knitting

Watt Wash (Denim)


• Zipper

Textile Art

Textile Art Techniques

Textiles Art - Water Solubles & Embroidery

Gopika Nath, Textile Artist

GCSE Art & Textiles Work

Creating New Surfaces Using Fabric Scraps

Textile Art Lessons: Colour In Your Life

Mixed Media Techniques with Textiles

Fibre and Textile Art Jewellery

Fabric Collages, Fabric Art, Creating Fabric

Mixed Media Art - Creative Painting Ideas

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