Year 12 English Advanced

Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences
Module A: Textual Conversations

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Keats' Poetry Overview

Bright Star - Jane Campion

A Quiz on Bright Star

• An Essay Including Themes and Connections to Keats

An Interview with Jane Campion

An Interview with Abbie Cornish (Fanny Brawne)

An Interview with Ben Whishaw (Keats in the Film)

Keats: La Belle Dame sans Merci

The Poem

The Video

Techniques of Symbolism, Imagery and Allegory 1

Techniques of Symbolism, Imagery and Allegory 2

Literary Techniques

Form and Meter

Setting and Context - 1

Setting and Context - 2


Themes: Overview

Themes: The Supernatural

Themes: Love

Themes: Femininity

Themes: Abandonment

Themes: Video 1

Themes: Video 2

Key Quotes

Essay Questions

Essay Sample 1

Essay Sample 2

Essay Sample 3

Essay Sample 4

Essay Sample 5

Keats: Ode on a Grecian Urn

The Poem

The Video

Study Guide

Techniques of Symbolism, Imagery and Allegory

Literary Techniques 1

Literary Techniques 2

Form and Meter 1

Form and Meter 2

Setting and Context - 1

Setting and Context - 2

Setting and Context - 3

Characters - 1

Characters - 2

Characters - 3

Themes: Time, Mortality and Beauty

Key Quotes

Essay Questions 1

Essay Questions 2

Essay Questions 3

Essay Questions 4

Essay Questions 5

Essay Sample 1

Essay Sample 2

Essay Sample 3

Essay Sample 4

Essay Sample 5

Margaret Edson: W;t

W;t - Margaret Edson

Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature

Module B: Critical Study of Literature
Module C: The Craft of Writing

Critical Study of Literature

An Artist of the Floating World

The Craft of Writing

Writing Forms

Language Techniques

Study Resources

1 Glossary

2 Flashcards

• 3 Quick Test

• 4 Quick Test Solutions

Techniques for Analysing Visual Texts
English-Specific Examination Key Words

Study Resources

1 Glossary

2 Flashcards

• 3 Quick Test

• 4 Quick Test Solutions

English: Essential Skills Video Collection

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Exam Preparation

How to Prepare for an English Exam

Using Outcomes to your Advantage

• Understanding Complex Questions

Essay Writing

Essay Writing: Formal Style

Essay Writing: Structure of Essays

Essay Writing: Paragraph Structure

Essay Writing: Constructing Sentences

Essay Writing: The Planning Process

Essay Writing: Key Words and Outcomes

Essay Writing: Understanding Essay Questions

Essay Writing: Answering the Question

Essay Writing: Editing Your Essays

Essay Writing: Editing Comparative Studies

Essay Writing: Common Mistakes

Essay Writing: Techniques for Success

Essay Writing: Preparing Sophisticated Essays - (Not!)

Essay Writing: Simplifying Text and Ideas

Essay Writing: Simple Language Techniques

Essay Writing: Writing About Language Techniques

Essay Writing: Linking Words and Phrases

Creative Writing

Creative Writing: Finding Ideas for Stories

Creative Writing: Write Better Stories

Creative Writing: How to Construct a Story

Creative Writing: Developing a Story

Creative Writing: Using Description

Creative Writing: Sensory and Emotional Language

Creative Writing: Adding Perspectives

Creative Writing: Common Mistakes

Creative Writing: Metaphor and Analogy

Creative Writing: Idea Bank, Character and Setting

Creative Writing: Simple Tips for Better Stories

Creative Writing Tips

Creative Writing: Visual Prompts

Video Links

Analysing Texts

How to Analyse Texts Critically - Critical Thinking

Understanding Complex Texts

Understanding Complex Texts: Research and Study

Understanding Complex Texts: Interpretation Strategies

Understanding Complex Texts: Interpretation in Action

Interpreting and Questioning Everything

Analysing Texts: Finding Context

Argument Through Interpretation

Understanding Stimulus Texts

Comprehension and Inference for Short Answers

Complex & Abstract Prose: Novels and Short Stories

Techniques for Analysing Visual Texts

Studying Film: Glossary of Camera Angles

Studying Film: How to Discuss Camera Angles 

Structure of Films & Plot Devices: Construction of Meaning

How Films Construct Meaning

Writing about Films

Interpreting Short Stories

Making Arguments Out of Short Stories

Style and Structure of Feature Articles

Newspaper Writing Style

Understanding Persuasive Language Techniques

Glossary of language Techniques in Dialogue

Understanding and Interpreting Techniques in Dialogue

Writing about Techniques in Dialogue

Text and Context

Analysing Texts: Finding Context

Understanding Aboriginal Culture: Text and Context

Aboriginal Beliefs: Background to Rabbit Proof Fence

Texts and Context: Australian and International Contexts

Texts and Context: Australian Language and Texts

Texts and Contexts: Understanding Cultural Perspectives



Rhetorical Devices for Speeches (pdf)

More Rhetorical Devices for Speeches (Video)

English: Study Resources for Specific Texts - Created by Gabby!