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Students can choose their own pace of learning.


Whether you watch all the videos from a particular topic or pace yourself, by viewing only one video per day over several days, you are in control.


The videos are always available, so you can choose when and how to learn!

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How often should I watch the videos?
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Why should I watch your videos?

All the key concepts and important examples are covered from a wide range of topic areas.


Videos range in difficulty from Year 7 Basic Fractions through to Year 12 Advanced Calculus.

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What can I get help with?
What does it cost to use these videos?

Use of the site is absolutely free.


If the site encourages students in their studies and helps them to feel more confident in their ability to learn and improve, the world will be a better place.


It is also hoped that the videos will make it more possible for parents to assist their children to complete homework and to prepare for tests or examinations.

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To check your answers, simply re-start the video and see if your answer matches the video solution.


If your answers don't match the video, you could look over previous videos to refresh your memory of the correct rules and methods.

How can I check if I am practising correctly?

You can practise key questions as a part of your study preparations.


By choosing to pause the videos when each example question appears, you can challenge yourself to complete each question correctly.

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Can I practise for my exams using the videos?

Most students really need to refresh their memories of Maths rules and methods regularly.


Having access to a wide range of high-quality, detailed and thorough video explanations gives you the chance to re-learn and revise with efficiency and confidence.

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