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Learning Foundations Paper Planes Competition

Step 1: Make Some Paper Planes​

Aim: To make a paper plane that flies for greatest distance.

How to Fold a Long and Pointy Plane

How to Fold a Flat and Wide Plane


More Plane Designs (Click Here)

Step 2: Reflect on your "Learning Journey"

  • What sorts of things did you think about while you were learning? 

  • Did you become discouraged at any stage?

  • Did you change your strategy during the learning process?

  • Did you "worry" about how well you were learning today?

  • Did you compare yourself with those around you at any stage?

  • What surprised you about what you learned?

  • When were you most creative today?

  • When were you at your best in the learning process?

  • What made you curious?

  • What was the most important thing you learned today?

Step 3: Decide your "LF Lesson Champion"​

Take your turn to launch your plane from the offical launch area and put your distance on record. Good luck!!!

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